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Redefine Your Function with GnuPharma

"Redefine Your Function with GnuPharma"

How does a human being “work”?  Has modern science and medicine completely mapped out human function?  

The answer, sadly, is no.  In fact we are far from truly understanding human function and how that applies to our daily life and health.  Our kids are sicker than we are.  We have lost the ability to control our weight.  We are dying of diseases our immune systems should easily fight off.  The majority of us will die from inflammation.

At GnuPharma we study human function in order to solve these problems.  As scientists and researchers, what have we missed?

It turns out, alot!

At GnuPharma we approach these Knowledge gaps in several ways.  We offer many ways we can educate you, your company, or your group about the principals of human function we teach.  While we suggest you can solve almost any health issue by your behavior and diet, we have licensable formulations which can supplement into almost any deficiency.  We also use a bit different set of diagnostics to understand the state of human function.  Lastly, because we make health determinations a bit differently, we have built an artificial intelligence model which will mimic our methods of determination and also learn from the results of suggestions.  In this way we can serve more people than we are currently able to server.  Further, artificial intelligence will learn from the formulations that we do not get right or have to re-think.

BioField Reading

BioField Readings are a new trend in holistic communities that is based on the scientific fact that every living organism and tissue exists in a specific frequency spectrum (called a resonance or rate of vibration).

Does it feel like you do everything you can to live a healthy lifestyle, but there is something you cannot quite put your finger on that is preventing you from feeling your best? Do you wonder if your body systems are working as well and as hard as they can? With the help of a biofield scan, you may be able to get the answers you need!

Discover the possibilities during a consultation with Chip at GnuPharma!

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Chip writes educational blogs where he discusses the basis of a New Model of Human Function centered around the Endocannabinoid System.