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Can animals get the same benefits from natural products?

November 5, 2018
Avatar for Chip PaulChip Paul

Yes! Just like in humans, current research is heavily indicating that the ECS is the master regulatory system in almost all animals. And, just like in humans this is a resources driven system. Resources must be presented to the ECS or the ECS will causes things to break. In particular the immune response (inflammation and pain). Just like in humans, inflammation is a major contributor to pet disease and deaths.

So how can you recognize if your pet is suffering from immune or inflammation issues? Mainly by observing your pet. Arthritis and joint inflammation would cause the pet to move slower and with restricted movements. Bowel inflammation would result in the pet eating less. Restricted breathing could indicate asthma which is a disease of inflammation. Conditions like pancreatitis can flare up or be a part of a pets cycles. Pain and pain management certainly are issues for our pets, they just lack the ways to tell us they hurt at times.

While nuances exist between mammals, in general bigger systems work in a similar fashion. This is why pharma uses mice and rats in alot of studies which are eventually targeting humans. This is also why the neurological resources to run a human would be very similar to the neurological resources required to run a dog or a cat. And for that reason, resources must be generated from pre-cursors to build these chemical mediators.

Our Foundation and Relief products for pets are designed to give the ECS what it needs. Pet Foundation is designed to provide resources to assist the immune function within animals, specifically to address inflammation and to give needed nutrients to the body to allow a better fuller immune response. Similarly Pet Relief is targeted to provide resources to help the body properly manage the pain response.*

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January 22, 2019

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