Maintaining Healthy Weight Plus Energy

November 5, 2018
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Why do we eat?

We eat to provide our bodies with energy.  We know some things that we eat might be “unhealthy” and some things more healthy.  We have a rough understanding of what our bodies need to function… we really?

What do our bodies need?

Believe it or not this can be explained pretty easily!  But NOT using tradition science as it has a tendency to view things from the “ground up”.  Does it confuse you to consider cellular dynamics?  Well it sure does me!

Consider..our bodies are constantly being depleted of resources.  Not just “calories” but fats and oils, hormones, chemical mediators like serotonin and dopamine, steroids, and many more.  These “chemical mediators” are BUILT by our bodies from pre-cursor foods.  Most of these pre-cursor foods are plant based flavonoids and other plant components found in raw plants (or in things that eat raw plants).  Our HEALTH is determined by the amount and quality of the precursor materials we consume.

So what happens if we do not get what we need?

If your body needs dopamine and you do not have the precursors to build it, your dopamine levels may drop which can affect your mood and your ability to move your body.  If your body needs testosterone and you do not have the precursors to build it, your testosterone levels may drop.  This applies to EVERY chemical mediator and these are the fellas that run us!

If “malnourished” in this way what would society look like?

If we did not have the ability, within our food sources, to provide the precursors necessary to allow our bodies to BUILT chemical mediators, our society would look very much like it does today…health wise:  over-fed with high obesity rates but under nourished.  This condition contributes heavily to spiraling healthcare costs and ALL can be tied back to MALNUTRITION!

So why the “weight gain” as a society?

We are malnourished and eating garbage is the main reason…but let’s break that down a bit.  If your body does not get the precursors it needs, guess what it does?  It craves!  Your body will call for more resources.  This is simply your body flagging you in a giant way that you are not eating the things it needs!  Pretty cool feedback yes?

Regrettably we eat more but still do not get the nutrients we need.  The circle goes round and round and everyone gains fat without getting the needed resources.  Further, this horrible cycle also depletes other system in the body.

So..we become over-weight, unmotivated, and defeated.

Is there an answer?

Yes..very simply eat better.  Eating raw plants is important.  Eating the proper raw plants is even more important!  While we still have alot to learn, herbal supplementation and a diet plan are critical to proper health.  Your body needs chemical mediators for its growth, regulation, repair, and stimulation.  These chemical mediators are built from precursors from our food.  There are obvious choices here.  For instance, an herb called Mucuna Pruriens (Velveet Bean) contains a flavonoid called L-Dopa.  L-dopa is a pre-cursor your body would use to build dopamine and other neurotransmitters that are critical in maintaining the ability to “think” and operate cognitively.

A strategy to nourish the body…

Certainly one of the things we are getting wrong is our fatty acid balance.  This is a diet thing, but foods contain fatty acids.  Two are critical and we cannot produce these ourselves.  In particular these are Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.  In our diet’s today this balance is about 15:1 for Omega6:Omega3 ratio.  Ideally we would function better at a 1:1 or 1:2 ratio.  This is part of why paleo diets are successful.  A strategy here would be to up the dietary intake of things which contain Omega3 fatty acids.  Walnuts are a great source of Omega 3’s.  Numerous studies indicate the benefits of a more balanced Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio.

Another deficiency which can lead to weight gain is testosterone deficiencies.  This applies equally to men and women.  Testosterone is built from pre-cursors that come from several things..mainly green.  One particular class of vegetables that is an EXCELLENT source of testosterone precursors are brassica vegetables. is probably your diet…

If you are suffering from these issues, chances are the “root” cause is your diet rather than your genetics.  For most of us that is great news although requires some modification.  Proper supplementation with raw plant based supplements and a diet plan is a GREAT start!

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