Monthly Archives: January 2019

3 Points On The Endocannabinoid System

How is it that we have a system in our body, that, arguably, is our MOST IMPORTANT SYSTEM, and we know nothing, absolutely nothing about it? In modern times how could this be the case?  “Cannabis” was discovered and mapped out in the 1940’s by a gent named Roger Adams. Adams had identified THC and CBD […]

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CBD Nuances

What is it with all the CBD terms? Broad Spectrum vs Full Spectrum? Isolate vs Distillate? Anyone else confused? What does it all mean? Let’s see if we can provide some explanations that might be useful. Take the easy terms first – “broad” vs “full” spectrum. While some CBD companies may form their own terminology […]

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Cannabis and Solubility..Oil vs Water

At GnuPharma we study plants and how they modulate the endocannabinoid system (ECS). In fact, we have patents (pending) around our abilities to predictably modulate the ECS with non-cannabis plants.  Non-cannabis plants store their “goodies=medicinal things” as flavonoids, alkaloids, turpenes, and other small plant molecules. For the most part these medicinal components are stored in […]

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