What will health look like for our children? If we have our way at GnuPharma, way different than it looks now. We have more control over our health then we realize and have been taught.

Let’s use an analogy to describe what I mean. We all understand that our cars have different “systems”. Our car uses these system to function properly. An engine, a computer, an oil system to keep everything lubricated, a coolant system to keep everything cool. Almost every system in our car requires “resources”. Oil for the lubrication system, water for the coolant system, air for the tires, gas for the engineer, etc. What happens when our car gets low or runs out of any of these resources? Well it just depends on how important they are to the overall function of the vehicle. Running out of resources in your car could result in a major malfunction. Thankfully, at least in our car’s, we have a computer which always is watching these system and will “warn” us when our car is getting low on critical resources.

While we are a magnificent creations under God, our bodies truly do work rather simply. The discovery of the endocannabinoid system in the mid 1990s has led to a far deeper understanding of how we function. Further, because we share the endocannabinoid system with most life on the planet, it is also leading to a deeper understanding of the commonality of life on the planet.

So, lets now consider our car analogy. Guess what? We work very similar. Our hypothalamus uses our endocannabinoid system to both monitor and effect changes in our major body systems. It is constantly watching our feeding and craving system (how we eat and nourish..also related to addiction), our immune system, our cognitive system, our body temperature, our blood pressure, our cholesterol levels, every system in our body. The endocannabinoid system (thru the hypothalmus) regulates these systems either thru direct or indirect actions.

Like our vehicles, the endocannabinoid system needs resources to properly function. These resources come from our food supply. Just like our cars, we need different resources for different system. We need our “oil”, we need our “gas”, we need our “water”. Without these resources we will malfunction. Without critical resources we will break. That “break” would look very similar to how we see society physically breaking today. Do we have a mechanism, like the warnings in our vehicle, for when we are not getting “critical” resources? Of course we do! It depends on the system, but our bodies tell us when they are resource depleted. 

What if we could change our health by simply changing what we eat? We are just beginning to understand what the resources are we need to run our vehicles. These are NOT the resources from the food pyramid we learned in grade school. What if deep depression could be fixed with diet? What about cancer? Auto-immunes? Diabetes? Pain? What if eating certain food would help your body naturally deal these states better? It turns out, this is indeed the case.

Our bodies “disease” states or states of disregulation really tell us what we are missing. Just consider how many diseases are really just dis-regulations. Many of them. This would indicate that they are addressable thru the system that regulates us all, the endocannabinoid system. Like CBD’s and medical cannabis, certain herbs and spices can cause temporary effects within the endocannabinoid system. They are a GREAT intervention therapy into the system, but they wear off, they do not last. The ultimate answer is diet. But think what that means! What if you could heal your body thru your food intakeā€¦and you can! This is the future we are painting at GnuPharma.

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