“Absorption” A problem worth solving

At GnuPharma we are always trying to solve what we think are issues within the natural products and cannabis industries.  In the pharma world absorption of a medicine is a big issue.  If you cannot absorb an oral medication, then it has little value.  Pharma has looked at absorption with a rigor that can only come from pharma, so lots of data.

In the CBD and cannabis world, we have little cross over from the science and discoveries pharma has used for decades.  What is the best way to take a solid based medicine orally for absorption?  What about a liquid based medicine?  Is a CBD oil or a THC oil best consumed as an oil?  As a water soluble solution?  Great questions! 
When you consume an “oil based” edible how will you absorb it?  Well, first let’s explain “oil based”.  What we mean by this is that this edible has had a cannabis oil added to it.  That could be a raw=Rick Simpson type extraction all the way to an oil isolate.  The carrier oil is also important as to absorption.  For instance, something in an omega 3 or 6 oil will not absorb as well as something in a saturated fat (like butter/ghia).  The long and the short is that as an OIL, we will all absorb an edible differently based construction of the edible, carrier oils used, random personal variables, and on fasting/fed state.  Interestingly, with an oil based edible, you will cleave something called delta-10 THC in your liver.  This is more psychoactive than delta-9 THC.  So, while you absorb very little delta 9 THC, your perceived effect is greater than smoking due to the delta 10 THC.
So, how do we more normalize = create a more common absorption profile?  Pharma has solved this in many ways.  The most efficient is by micro or nano encapsulation.  Encapsulation allows for the cannabis oil to be trapped inside extremely small droplets.  If these droplets are small enough, they will be absorbed in the small intestines.  This allows for a far greater absorption profile of delta 9 THC and a lesser second pass effect from the delta 10 THC.
At GnuPharma we have developed and patented a natural way to create these emulsions.  Our bodies want to create something called micelles.  Cannabis micelles represent the most consistent way to uptake cannabis oils.  We have taken this technology and created something we call THC Drops for the regulated cannabis marketplace and FOCUS drops for the CBD/natural products marketplace.  These drops can be added to ANY water based beverage.  They are quick acting and represent a far better absorption profile than an oil based product.
Are you looking for help developing a water soluble product? We license our technology. Use the form below to send us a message and we will be in touch!