Have you ever wondered what a “lipid” is?  Or a “protein”?  What about “mRNA”?  Well, it turns out they refer to some pretty important stuff inside of us.  It turns out the explanations are pretty easy and logical.  What is not apparent is why there are different terms for physiological items that seem to change constantly.  Why the chaos?  Why the confusion?  Do the answers threaten a business model?  Does your understanding of how you work wreck your need for the medical system?

So what are “proteins” and “lipids”?  Well, let’s lay some groundwork first.  I think we all understand we need a soup of “chemical mediators” to run the functions of our body.  What we really do not understand is where they come from.  They come from 3 different places as it turns out.  You can certainly supplement dietary chemical mediators.  Things like vitamins, herbal/dietary supplements, and CBD formulations would be good examples.  Your body can build chemical mediators from combinations of glucose and dietary fats.  In the absence of proper dietary fats your body will use a combination of glucose and bacterial processes to build what is deficient in the diet. The optimal way to generate chemical mediators is to build them from dietary fats. Proper dietary fats are saturated fats, mono-unsaturated fats, and poly-unstaturated fats in proper ratios.   These fats are so important to our bodies they are the only fats we will stick on a triglyceride, and this is exactly how we store chemical mediators for future use.  So a “lipid” is a chunk of dietary fat and can be altered by your body to “signal” a variety of functions and systems.  A “protein” is dietary fats combined with amino acids and fibers.  A protein is really nothing more than muscle.  Muscle is fiber and the mechanical machine within the muscle which is a combination of fat/glucose/fibers/amino acids.  
mRNA is something we all should understand.  Chemical mediators signal from our highest level to our lowest in a cascade type fashion.  Think falling dominos.  If you move a domino, or one is missing, the cascade doesn’t work as well as it should.  This is exactly what happens inside us.  If we are missing dietary fats, it is like missing a domino and we cannot cascade properly.  Our bodies have TONS of makeup systems.  One of which is using what is available. The most BASIC and PRIMITIVE part of your body is the mitochondria of every cell.  Chemical mediators (called “proteins” generally) are needed inside the mitochondria to control the most basic processes of that cell involving energy creation.  The “cascade” of how these important mitochondrial chemical mediators arrive is a telling process to our bodies and provides important feedback about adjustments needed at our most basic level.  The process should not be “jumped”.  mRNA is a method of getting proteins to enter the mitochondria of cells and change their functions.  This is not something we should be doing without far more knowledge of how this works.  Cutting butter with a chainsaw comes to mind.
As described, these chemical mediators can come from different places, and need to depending on our diets.  If we are not eating the proper ratios of dietary fats, we will have to “make up the difference” somewhere.  Making up the difference is done through supplementation.  Supplementation is the addition of dietary items that will augment what is lacking in our diets.  So what is lacking in our current diets?  Without a proper understanding of how we work how can we even begin to know what a proper diet should be?  We hope we are well along the path to understanding these important questions at GnuPharma.  Stop in and see us sometime at 7726 N Owasso Expy. Owasso OK 74055.
Chip Paul | Chief Innovator at GnuPharma

Chip Paul | Chief Innovator at GnuPharma

If you have any questions feel free to message me here: chip@gnupharma.com

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