It Is Time to Move Past Pharma's Failed Model of Medicine.

In the early 1900’s industrialists saw an opportunity to build a business model around human health.  If these industrialists could “control” the cures, they would be in for a long and wild business ride which would make them some of the wealthiest individuals in the world.  The startup petroleum industry offered a wealth of potential treatments and “cures” and the labs and scientists to promote them. By developing these fugazie’s in a lab, based exactly on the God given molecules from Nature, pharma was able to patent these creations and sell them to you as medicines.  “Trusting the science” was the goto term to suggest they had somehow elevated themselves above our simple understanding of the cures from Nature.  When in fact, they were just poor mimics which, generally, were far less effective than their natural based beginnings.
Make no mistake.  This was a PLAN.  To take over the medical community and insert their business model.  They did it methodically.  Around 1910 they created something called “The Flexner Report”.  Basically this report demonized the then different schools of thought in medical science.  You had many important schools of medical thought developing in the early 1900’s.  Many of these suggested that Nature held the cures and that what we needed was more experimentation and development of Nature and how we interfaced with it.  Regrettably you cannot patent Nature and the Natural models of medicine did not fit the pharma business model.  The pharma business model, pushed out through the Flexner report, was the “biomedical” view of science.  When the Flexner report was published, millions of dollars were spent by the Carnegie Foundation to re-shape medicine.  Pushing the German model glorified in the Flexner report, a group of elitists, through the Carnegie Foundation, were able to change the medical curriculum in every major medical institution in the west.  Further, they were able to shut down and demonize dissenters.  To this day you cannot claim that a natural product has any impact on the human body.  To do so will bring the wrath of the Food and Drug Administration.  Further, most physicians are so completely bought into the model they are absent from critical thought and alternative views.  This has most dramatically been illustrated with medical cannabis.  Medical cannabis clearly is useful and efficacious, yet the medical and research communities have literally run from it.  What major US University actually researches the endocannabinoid system?  ZERO!  Why not?  It is your master regulatory system, why is it not taught everywhere?  Well mainly because you can impact it with cannabis and many other natural products from Nature, rather than their drugs.  And that does NOT fit the business model does it?
The Flexner report resulted in the creation of “pharma”.  While this industry looks somewhat diverse, it is anything but.  Pharma is controlled by a handful of companies.  Pharma’s beginnings were in Germany and really started in earnest with a company called Bayer.  Bayer benefited greatly from the Flexner report and the standardization in the west of the German model.  In fact the Germans are who built the pharma business model.  It fit with their world war II industrial buildup.  Bayer was a part of a large German conglomerate called IG Farben.  IG Farben controlled the entire industrialization of Germany, including pharma, plus food companies.  IG Farben were also the makers of the xylon gas which were used in the concentration camps.
So where has this business model that was created by IGFarben/Bayer and the Carnegie Foundation gotten us?  If we were making “progress” then our children would be healthier than we are.  Are they?  By now I would think we would have a handle on diseases.  Do we?  We certainly should have a working model of human function.  We should all be educated around what the proper dietary inputs are and how to properly care for our bodies.  This really is not hard to understand once you understand how you work.
Yet, we are taught partial truths wrapped in chaos and confusion.  Most people can describe how their vehicle works better than they can describe how they work.  Is it because we are so “complicated”?  Oh please, if we can understand a lawn mower we can understand human function.
It is time to DITCH the pharma model of human function.  It is time to REWIND the clock.  A reset to where science was before the Flexner/Bayer/Elitist takeover is highly merited and will be richly rewarded.  The model of human function taught in medical schools today is a BUSINESS MODEL based view of human function, not a God based view of human function.
It is as simple as this.  Based on the dietary consumption of 8 different types of fats, we set a status.  If we are deficient in any of those 8 dietary fats we will allow a microbiome to develop which will offset the deficiencies.  The endocannabinoid system and brain regulate these processes.  The complexity of this biome is directly related to the lack of consumption of proper dietary fats.  More complexity in the biome, and the inability to control it, is the direct cause of most diseases.  Further, based on our environment, we will determine how much fat = adipose tissue to build.  Our bodies will then model the fat based on what is optimum for the environment.  If the fat is not modelled properly, your adipose tissue will signal you to become hungry and eat, regardless of how much you weigh.  
An understanding of two different states our bodies cycle through is extremely important to understanding our function.  When we are “fed”, which occurs right after a meal, our bodies are storing fats and running, for the most part, on glucose.  This is a natural process and our bodies are trying to optimize our fat stores in adipose tissues.  So our bodies make decisions on whether a meal contains better dietary fats than what we have stored in adipose tissue.  If so, we begin to remodel that fat.  This is done through breaking apart and rebuilding triglycerides which are how we store most of our “fuel” and “insulation”.  In colder climates, our bodies will feedback to us, and require more saturated fats to build insulation.  In warmer climates a leaner fat storage is required.  Fat also has to contain the proper ratios of saturated fats, mono-unsaturated fats, and poly-unstaturated fats.  These makeups are species specific and are the subject for a tremendous amount of needed research.
After about 5 hours of storing and remodeling fat, our bodies will flip to a “fasting” state.  In a fasting state we will burn fats and this is our most efficient state.  We are up to 50 times more efficient with energy when we are in a fasting state vs a fed state.
According to “pharma” and the current medical model, we should eat 3 meals a day.  So I eat at 8a, then noon, then 6p.  Then I eat that desert right before bed.  When do I enter into a fasting state?  Never?  Very little at most.  Is this guidance optimal for our function?  Just simple logic says NO!
Logic says that If I eat one big meal every day, or every two days, then I stay in a fasting state far longer (provided I do not eat more than 50 calories during the fast…pop and energy drinks BREAK the fast).  Research says that by fasting I can live longer and cure myself of almost any disease.  The pharma medical model hides and obscures these facts.
Is pharma bad?  No!  In the areas of acute care and trauma the business model has shined and truly resulted in some breakthroughs.  But for everyday care, broken assumptions lead to broken patients.
God gave us the cures and God gave us the ability to acquire the Knowledge to use them.  Immunity and our immune system is front and center in today’s world.  I would rather base my care on Nature’s cures than a business model, how about you?
Chip Paul | Chief Innovator at GnuPharma

Chip Paul | Chief Innovator at GnuPharma

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