Chip and Cindy Paul are a happily married couple and have been together since 2009.  When they met, both were very health conscious and neither drank alcohol nor took any kind of medications stronger than aspirin.

Cindy has a 2 level cervical spinal fusion and Chip suffered from an old back injury.  In 2013 both were beginning to realize that pharma and opiates were potentially in their future.  After much soul searching the couple reached a decision to try medical marijuana for their pain issues.  They drove to a State where marijuana was legal and tried some.  This changed EVERYTHING!

The experience broke down years of propaganda and misinformation the couple had experienced regarding medical marijuana.  The couple became rabid activist for the plant and Chip started doing research on marijuana which led to the endocannabinoid system.

  • Activism

    Led the medical marijuana revolution in Oklahoma and continue to stand at its forefront and co-authored the most open access marijuana laws in the country.

  • research

    Mapped the endocannabinoid system into human function and developed a "diagnosis" system, although we cannot call it that because we are not docs then developed a treatment system based on our "diagnosis" system.

  • community

    Worked with thousands of "patients" (we are docs...) to assist them with their health needs and developing a "clinical care" model to begin helping people more directly and locally.

  • education

    Built education channels through their work with nonprofits and "Chip Talks" and are pioneering diagnostic testing of the endocannabinoid system and other system.

Science Advisory

Dr. David A. Colby | Science Advisor

Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, Research Professor in the Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Director of Academic Affairs in BioMolecular Sciences


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