Food Addiction

Chip Talks – Food Addiction No one will like this blog much, but I would encourage you to: read it; and understand it.   We all have to eat don’t we?  How much do we really understand about “eating”? First…what do we need to eat?  Like, what do we HAVE TO HAVE?  It turns out not […]

Terpenes and Cannabinoids

Terpenes and Cannabinoids There is A LOT to this discussion.  There will be deeper blogs on this topic as it is critical to using cannabis as a medicine.  Without understanding terpenes, what they do, and their power, you cannot fully utilize the medicinal properties of cannabis. As always, a basis for conversation needs to be […]

The Philosophers Stone

The Philosophers Stone Throughout history, knowledge has been passed from generation to generation through mystery schools, organizations, clubs, religions, and other groups.  Just ask any mason.  This knowledge is ancient wisdom and can come in many forms, from recipes to the secrets of the universe. I seem to have been given a rare gift.  I […]

Fasting and Its Importance to Human Health

Fasting and Its Importance to Human Health We have all heard or read about fasting.  We have heard both good things and bad things about fasting.  So what is the truth?  Well, first, let’s level set.  There is a ton of misinformation and frankly crap about diet and what we should or should not eat.  […]

The “Business Model” is KILLING US!

The “Business Model” is KILLING US! In 1910 a report was published which completely redefined medical science and put as all into the German model of drug development being used at an IGFarben subsidiary called Bayer.   This is what defined current medical science and pharmaceuticals.  The report was called “The Flexner Report”.  Sponsored by […]

Consciousness, Intelligence, and Mitochondria

Consciousness, Intelligence, and Mitochondria Where does “consciousness” live?  The brain?  The pineal gland?  It is now looking like consciousness and intelligence are deeply tied to small organelles in cells called mitochondria.  We tend to think of ourselves as a “whole”.  It seems to me my consciousness lives around my head, so explanations that involve the head, brain, […]

B-Caryophyllene Influencer of The Endocannabinoid System

Several red, black, and green berries behind a structural formula diagram of b-caryophyllene.

If you’ve ever wandered into the more technical realm of information around THC and CBD, then you’ve probably heard at least a little about the endocannabinoid system, its role within the body, and how it interacts with various cannabinoids to produce a wide range of well-known effects. What you likely haven’t heard about before, however, […]

It Is Time to Move Past Pharma’s Failed Model of Medicine

It Is Time to Move Past Pharma’s Failed Model of Medicine. In the early 1900’s industrialists saw an opportunity to build a business model around human health.  If these industrialists could “control” the cures, they would be in for a long and wild business ride which would make them some of the wealthiest individuals in […]

Lipids, Proteins, and other Choas

Have you ever wondered what a “lipid” is?  Or a “protein”?  What about “mRNA”?  Well, it turns out they refer to some pretty important stuff inside of us.  It turns out the explanations are pretty easy and logical.  What is not apparent is why there are different terms for physiological items that seem to change constantly.  Why […]

CBDa CBGa THCa Influences ACE2

CBDa CBGa THCa Influences ACE2 A new study published in the Journal of Natural Products is causing a stir in the cannabis world.  The study, entitled “Cannabinoids Block Cellular Entry of SARS-CoV‐2 and the Emerging Variants” is a look at how cannabinoids affect the entry point of SARS-COV-2 (Covid) and the early variants.  The entry point […]

Gut Health by GnuPharma

The mammalian microbiome is fascinating.  Almost any fatty acid mediator that we need to run our minds or our bodies can be built by bacterial processes in the gut biome.  Most researchers agree that the gut biome RESPONDS to the environment.  Most researchers would also agree that bacteria and pathogens are responsible for almost every […]

Autism Under the GnuPharma Model

Autism Under the GnuPharma Model Autism is a medical condition which is extremely complicated and complex, or is it?  It is almost undoubtedly caused by oxidative stress which impacts metabolism.    We readily understand that if we do not put oil in our cars that we will have issues.  Our cars will not run as intended.  […]

The GnuPharma Model of Human Function

GnuPharma model of human function  In this vlog we will cover these points:  Explain the endocannabinoid system pull together existing research and describes a 4 system model of human function describe the endocannabinoid system as needing mediators to run describe how the endocannabinoid system is feed by these mediators by natural resources describe how chemicals […]

Understanding Your Immune System: Parts & Function

While doctors are essential and needed in life, it is not untrue that they function more like human body mechanics. Technically, while doctors perform many miracles, doctors don’t cure anything.  If you don’t get good recommendations or vet your local hospital, the wrong doctor can do some damage, accidentally or not. Over 722,000 Americans acquire […]

CBD Bioavailability & Absorption: A Problem Worth Solving

CBD Bioavailability

At GnuPharma, we are always trying to solve what we think are issues with the natural products found within the cannabis industry and beyond. For example, in the pharma world, absorption of medicine is a big issue. If you cannot absorb an oral medication, it has little value. So, Pharma has looked at absorption with […]

Delta 8 THC

I get some interesting phone calls. The other day I got a call from one of the top cops in the state of Oklahoma. He was asking me about Delta 8 THC and what my thoughts were on it. The state is considering some legislation that would move Delta 8 into the regulated marijuana markets […]

A Families Autism Journey

Pictured is McKenzie (left) Mattie (center) Kayden (right) A Families Autism Journey Ten years ago, my husband and I were just getting started on our families Autism journey. At that point in time our son was three years old, our daughter was two, and we were just coming to terms with both of them being […]

Metabolism and Autism

Metabolism and Autism Because autism is a very complex disease, it requires the autistic individual to “evolve” in order to survive.  Without the capacity to build anti-inflammatories from fatty acids, the autistic individual is forced to adapt through changes in the production of short chain fatty acids in the gut which help with inflammation.  While […]

Anthocyanins in Colored Fruits & Vegetables

If you follow what we do at GnuPharma, you know that we are deep into ways to modulate the endocannabinoid system (ECS) with non-cannabis plants. We started discussing these concepts about four years ago and are probably the first to coin the term “master regulatory system.” We are always learning new things, and we usually […]

Sleep and the Endocannabinoid System

I recently got asked a question about sleep and sleep regulation. This works under the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and is an excellent example of how your body regulates a primary function we all experience. It also presents an opportunity to discuss how we might view medicine and conditions like sleep deprivation with new eyes. So […]