Delivery Methods

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Many delivery systems are possible for making the agents available at the desired site, e.g., targeted endocannabinoid receptors. Different delivery systems, even for the same formulation, may produce different effects, have different efficacies, or have different effective times or durations. Without limiting the possible delivery systems, the following sections provide examples of delivery by pills, teas, vapes, and topical/transdermal systems. In addition, care must be taken to ensure that effectiveness is not impaired by barriers along the delivery pathway to the targeted site. For example, there is a greater barrier, associated with endothelial cells, for delivering agents from your digestive tract (e.g., pills, teas) to your neurology, than there is for delivering agents from your respiratory system (e.g., vapes) to your neurology. Agents delivered via the digestive track may have a longer lasting effect and require a larger dosage whereas agents delivered via the respiratory system may have a more immediate effect at a lower dosage.

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